Bone Expanders

by mectron
τεχνική του Dr. Sentineri

  • Technique for expanding the atrophic alveolar ridge
  • Lateral bone condensation technique - lateral compacting of the trabeculae in poor quality bone, greatly improving primary stability
  • Alternative to the maxillary sinus elevation technique - it is possible to insert an angled implant, passing mesially to the maxillary sinus


Κλινικά Πλεονεκτήματα


conventional expander                          mectron bone expander

  • The coronal part of the expander is smooth, only the initial part being threaded. When the smooth part comes into contact with the corticalis, instead of penetrating into it, it displaces it, facilitating lateral expansion.

  • Uses an implantology micromotor for ridge expansion. Maximum control of the direction of insertion and of the torque/screwing power).

  • Use of the ratchet in the last stage of insertion of the expanders. It is possible to make a half or quarter turn at a time.

  • The bone expander technique is less traumatic for the patient than working with a hammer and chisel.